eBook: Tips for Your First Garden!

Perhaps you’ve noticed–2020 and 2021 have seen a huge surge of people starting their first garden! Since this site was created for the purpose of sharing newbie tips for starting a garden, I’m excited to offer the best info I can to make it easy and accessible for anyone to learn to grow vegetables. Whether you’re a beginner, a brown thumb, or too busy to spend much time gardening, growing your own veggies is still possible! Learn all you need to know about starting your first garden in my new eBook!

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Top 3 Items for the Organic Garden Toolkit

What an exciting thing to see so many newbies jumping into vegetable gardening this spring! If you’re new, I can’t wait for you to literally taste the exciting, rewarding feeling of growing your own food. But, gardening still takes work and practice so you may find it has its challenges! With these solutions in hand, though, you’ll be ready to face almost any problem your organic garden throws at you!

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The Right Way to Water Your Garden

“It’s so green,” I gushed excitedly, gazing out the airplane window as we flew over the Netherlands on our way to Ireland for the first time.

“I didn’t expect it to look almost as green as Ireland….Is it pretty green where you live?” I asked the young German man next to me (it was September, by the way).

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Organic Bug Control (That Really Works)

Surely I’m not the only one who has wasted my time Google searching something like “natural bug control.”

I don’t know about you, but what I usually found were long lists (mostly on sites with very little to back up their information) of just about anything that the writer thought might repel a bug or two. Harsh, maybe, but if I had a dollar for every questionable idea I tried…. Well, I guess it would pay for all the cinnamon, baby powder, garlic, corn meal, borax, etc. I have wasted!

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Monthly Garden Tips by Email!

Would you like a monthly email roundup of tips and previously published posts all about what your garden is facing that month? Subscribe to our new “Very Easy Veggie Garden Monthly Digest!”

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Why are my Squash Shriveling?

Ever felt the excitement of watching your first squash start to develop, only to be disappointed when it quickly becomes wrinkled or starts rotting on the vine?    The good news is that the problem may be easier to fix than you think. 

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Fix a “Black Thumb:” Top 5 Plant Care Mistakes

“…I Just have a black thumb when it comes to growing things!” To be honest, I don’t often really believe this statement when I hear it from someone.  Or rather, I don’t believe that it’s an unchangeable fact!

Sure, I believe you’ve accidentally killed some plants. Haven’t we all?  But I also believe that with some practice and knowledge of common plant care mistakes, almost anyone can start turning that brown or black thumb to a green thumb!

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5 Causes of Veggie Plants Not Producing Fruit

Spring planting is often filled with hope and excitement, visions of a bountiful harvest and plans for what you will do with all of your extra garden produce. But does summer have you feeling discouraged as you wait for a harvest that is slow or nonexistent? 

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NPK: How to Choose Fertilizer for Your Garden

How do you choose a fertilizer?  Did you know that different types of plants have different fertilizer needs? And that those needs can be different at different times in their life cycle? Don’t worry though, I’ll help you sort out what you need in a few steps.

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