Garden Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (or any day!)

Lately, it seems holidays are even more precious than usual. So I thought I’d make up a list of some fun garden gift ideas for the gardeners and plant lovers in your life so you can get shopping! I’ve got ideas for every price point, and I’ll probably keep adding as I think of more. I’ve even included a few charity options to give in honor of your favorite gardener.

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How to Use Wild Elderberries

One September I was driving with a friend up to Tehachapi Mountain park when a striking cluster of berries along the side of the road caught my eye.  A spark in my memory brought to mind an article by my longtime favorite local columnist that I’d read the same time last year.  Wild Elderberries? Could they be?  I quickly stopped to grab a few and some leaves for identification.

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Fast Growing Vegetables for Beginner Gardens

Growing “victory gardens” or “survival gardens” may sound like something out of a history book. But in these strange times of 2020, food gardens full of fast growing vegetables are seeing a surge in popularity again! And why not? I can’t think of a better way to spend “quarantine” then by starting a garden or building a bigger one! It keeps you busy, and if you do it right, should certainly save you some grocery store trips! Here are some of the fastest growing crops for beginners.

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7 Easy Winter Veggies for Beginners

Does winter bring dreams of spring planting to your mind? You don’t have to wait for warm weather to begin planting. No, your squash, tomatoes, and peppers won’t survive a winter frost, but there are several beginner fall garden veggies that tolerate the cold and actually prefer cooler weather!

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Why You Should Plant Chard

Looking for a highly nutritious vegetable that is great for all growers, no matter how much space or growing experience you have?

Swiss chard is a versatile, pretty, and easy-to-grow vegetable that is a great option for beginners. It has great health value and can easily be grown in pots, even if sunlight is too limited for other veggies. Continue reading “Why You Should Plant Chard”