Best Vitamins for Women

Why are high quality vitamins for women important? Because women do a lot!

Our minds are always running, and our bodies carry out so many functions especially within the family. Especially during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, our bodies miraculously create and sustain new life from within their own resources and nutrient stores. We forget how crazy that is, but no wonder moms often feel drained! Studies have found this postnatal nutrient depletion can last even up to ten years after having a baby.

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My Top 5 Immune Boosting Vitamins for Kids

Vitamins for kids–are they necessary?

I’m definitely a fan of doing what I can to get my kids to eat nutritiously as much as possible (tips on that coming soon!). But, let’s be honest, they often don’t–and if you’ve ever actually counted your own nutrient intake, neither do we! And if you’re a gardening nerd like me, you may be aware that store bought produce is not always as nutrient-dense as it could be anyway.

Many people tend to view vitamins for kids as something “extra,” but the truth is, they are necessary parts of so many processes inside our bodies. It’s definitely not easy to get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we need for optimal health purely from what we eat–especially for growing (and picky) kids.

Especially for kids, low levels of certain vitamins can have significant effects on health–even behavior and mental functioning. Here’s more about the children’s vitamins and supplements I use to help make up the difference in my kids’ diets, whether we’re feeling well or a little sick.

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7 Essential Tips I learned from Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding twins is like breastfeeding “boot camp”–and I’m so glad I had some knowledge and experience beforehand! For many moms, breastfeeding is a unique, incredible, and worthwhile experience–but that does not mean it is without its challenges. Preparing ahead of time is the best way to face those challenges and make them so much more manageable, though!

There are so many little lessons, often learned only by experience, that will make breastfeeding much easier and more enjoyable. 

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Gift Guide for New Parents of Twins

Choosing a gift for twins is easy, right? Matching outfits, of course!

As a mom of boy girl twins, I do love coordinating outfits.  But, maybe I wouldn’t if they were identical. Some parents prefer to  encourage their twins’ individuality from the beginning, or would rather not have their closets overflowing with double outfits!

If you love twin clothing, I don’t blame you, so I’m including a few of my favorite items. But the categories below will also give you ideas for some really practical gifts that are requested, tested, and loved by lots of other  twin parents!  Many of them are great ideas for new parents of single babies as well. Continue reading “Gift Guide for New Parents of Twins”

Waddling & Waiting (Twin Birth Story Part 1)

While this blog is primarily about gardening, being a mom of twins is a big part of my life as well. Since November is their birth month, I’m celebrating by putting out a few posts about twins, just for this month. I hope you enjoy!  (Part two is here )

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