Top Seed Companies to Buy Seeds Online

The past year has been a crazy one, but of the positive things I’ve seen come out of it is the booming demand to start a victory garden! But that also means some garden stores have faced high demand, especially stores to buy seeds online, so I wanted to help you out with that. I’ll keep updating this list of my top seed companies where you can buy seeds online.

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You can find tips for starting seeds on this page and suggestions for quick-harvest beginner friendly vegetables here.

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Wondering where to find seeds online? here's a list of stores still in stock for April 2020!

Some links are affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase in that store, I receive a small commission to help keep this website going. Most are not, but either way I appreciate you reading!

  • True Leaf Market (link above) still has seeds in stock including microgreen seeds and supplies. As with many, order processing will take more time.
  • Botanical Interests seems to have a good stock of veggie seeds, including heirlooms and organic.
  • If you’re in the UK, check Gardening Direct. Most of the other links here are US based.
  • Naturezedge is a veteran owned small family seed site. Here you can buy seeds online in collections or variety packs at a better value.
  • Home Depot: it seems most or all seeds & plants are unavailable for delivery and limited stock in stores. However you can still find some supplies like soil and seed starting supplies, even for delivery.
  • MI Gardener seed store is a favorite of gardeners for its many choices of 99 cent seed packs. Orders may take longer than usual.
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds seemed to have a lot of choices left.
  • Baker Creek seeds online is a huge favorite especially for really unique heirlooms but a lot of their items have gone out of stock this spring and they have had to close for restocking periodically.
  • Park Seed seems to still have stock.
  • Jung Seed has some organic seeds left, but not a lot of choices.
  • Burpee: I clicked around a bit but every veggie seed I looked at was out of stock.
  • Johnny’s seeds is only taking commercial orders this month.
  • Click and Grow (below) its its own indoor gardening system, but they had some seed “pods” and gardens in stock.
GNRL Click & Grow


I’d also like to mention that Garden Tower Project, one of my affiliate partners, has begun producing DIY face mask frames! It is a flexible plastic frame made with their quality food grade plastic, included elastic, but you supply your own filter/fabric. Their page also provides information on the best types of filter material to use and where to get it. There is a family pack, or a bulk package (72) for health facilities.

Face Mask Frames: Family 6-Pack

If you know of any stores I’ve missed, feel free to leave them in the comments! And of course check your local outdoor nurseries and landscaping companies!

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